Refrigerator Repair

Immediate Response!

In the last few years, food inflation has skyrocketed!  We know how expensive and valuable food and refrigerated perishables are to you.  When your refrigerator goes down, you don’t have time to wait.  Refrigerator repair is our priority!  When you call with a refrigerator problem, you go to the top of our urgency response list and we’ll be at your location quickly and usually within a few hours (typically).  We respond immediately so your refrigerator is back online as quickly as possible.  Refrigerator repair is our specialty.  From the older models to today’s computer-driven, electronic marvels, you want a qualified, competent, experienced refrigerator repair technician.  We work on big problems and small ones, such as icemakers, electronic problems and so forth.

Repairing a Refrigerator

Here’s the 411 on Your 911

Calling for service is easy.  We’ll ask you some basic operational questions to get a quick summary of what’s going on with your unit.  We’ll typically also ask for your refrigerator’s brand name and its model number.  If you don’t know where to find the model number, we can talk you through it OR if you’re filling out our online Service Request form in the process of setting up a service call online, you can use our Model Number Finder resource.  Ultimately, our goal is to have your refrigerator up and running in a single service call.  Because we ask questions beforehand, we typically arrive prepared and ready to repair your refrigerator.  If you’re not on site or don’t have any of the aforementioned info, no worries, we’ll get it done, and quickly!

Lafayette Appliance Repair services all styles of refrigerators.  Freezer-on-top, freezer-on-bottom (French Door) or freezer-on-side – we repair them all.  We also troubleshoot icemaker problems and can replace those as well.  If you have a dedicated chest or upright freezer, we can repair those, too.  Again, our goal is to get there ASAP and help you avoid losing food.

If you have a Sears or Kenmore unit, they outsourced their manufacturing process and thus have a unique model number.  Three digits are the manufacturer’s prefix and you can find out who made it HERE.

You Should Also Know

You may hear the term “sealed system”.  This simply means the unit doesn’t come with a refrigerant access port.  As we’re Environmental Protection Agency, Section 608 Licensed Service Technicians,  This gives us the ability to install one and work with your sealed system’s compressor and all related residential-grade refrigerants, including the older R-12 and R-134A freons to the new R-600A freon.  We do complete refrigerator underside and compressor-section maintenance, too.  Call – 765-491-3487.  We’re open M-F, 8a to 6p.  After hours?  No worries – simply fill out our Request Service form and we’ll promptly get back to you on the following business day.

 Brands Serviced Include: