• Dryer Repair

  • Dryer Repair

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    Dryer disruption can disrupt more than your dryer.  It can disrupt your family, too!  Kids in sports?  Big family?  Lots of grandkids?  Work the night shift?  No worries!  When your dryer goes down, give us a call.  Our specialty is dryer repair.  

    What We Repair

    Whether your dryer is electric or gas, we repair all makes and models.  No matter if the problem is simple or complex, we can fix it.  If your dryer is laden with the latest in electronics, bells and whistles, functions, and features or is older, and isn't as complicated -- no worries, we can troubleshoot, diagnose with pinpoint accuracy and repair your unit quickly.  Lafayette Appliance Repair is here for you and ready to get your dryer back up and running -- and cost-effectively, too!  If you live out in the country, we also do LP gas conversions.  

    Brands We Repair

    • Whirlpool
    • Kitchen-Aid
    • Kenmore
    • GE
    • Maytag
    • Samsung
    • LG
    • Frigidaire
    • SpeedQueen
    • And more!

    Dryer Vent Cleaning

    We also offer a dryer vent cleaning service which is very popular with many of our customers.  Most dryers and vents need to be inspected cleaned out annually.  Why?  Lint and other obstructions can impact the efficiency of your dryer, causing it to take increasingly longer to dry your clothes.  This means you're not only wasting time and energy, but this can also dramatically decrease the lifetime of the appliance.  Our dryer & vent cleaning service services your ENTIRE drying system.  We disassemble and clean your dryer and inspect for safety and wear.  We scrub out your venting system to ensure it's spic and span.  We scour your outside vent cap to make sure the ports are opening and closing correctly and are free and clear of anything that may obstruct its operation.  

    Keeping You and Your Family Safe

    The big picture is that we help keep you and your family SAFE.  If you need dryer repair or if your dryer & vent hasn't been cleaned out in a while -- give us a call.  We're here when you need us!  765-491-3487.  And if it's after hours, don't worry!  You can still contact us -- Click the link HERE and book your appointment online!

    If you have a Sears or Kenmore unit, the first three digits are the manufacturer's prefix.  Find out who made it HERE.