Dryer Repair

Lint — NOT  Your Friend!

In the hundreds of dryer repairs we’ve done, there’s a common connection with them all — LINT BUILD-UP!! Lint is a nasty monster with dryers because other than pulling out and cleaning your dryer’s lint trap, you can’t see it.  The dryer may look perfectly fine on the outside, but blanketing the internal components of the dryer, dangerous levels of lint will eventually build up to the point of imminent fire hazard.  Take a look at the photos on the left.  We’ve seen dozens and dozens of dryers like this in the jobs we’ve done for customers — and in most cases, we were able to save the dryer!

Dryer Repair

What should you do?

How can you prevent this?  What can be done to mitigate this?  First off, we recommend regular, typically annual dryer and dryer vent cleaning services by Lafayette Appliance Repair.  Please see our Vent Cleaning page on specifics to our professional vent cleaning and maintenance.  We also offer vent analysis, modifications and repair services, too!

Secondly, a lint-filled dryer will usually lead to dryer component problems.  This is typically when we get the call for dryer repair.  We open up the dryer and find everything from slight to massive lint build-up.  In most cases, we can do a thorough, component-by-component disassembly and cleaning.  We’ll have your dryer looking and functioning like it were brand new again!  Check our reviews for our many happy dryer repair customers!

Dirty  Dryer

More Dryer Minutae

Dryer repairs can come from a variety of sources.  From heat elements, to door switches, to roller and bearing issues, to a broken belt and more.  Lafayette Appliance Repair can fix them all!  When you call for dryer repair, we go into action!  Once we arrive on-site, our goal is to have your dryer repaired and back online asap.  One nice thing about dryers is that most of them can typically be repaired cost-effectively.  Also, remember this – having an older dryer doesn’t necesssarily mean it needs to be replaced.  In fact, to to the contrary – most older dryers are much better built than the new stuff and if your unit is in good overall shape, we encourage you to keep it around for as long as you can.  Our owner Bob uses a Maytag gas dryer built in the 80’s and it’s still running strong!

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