Lafayette Appliance Repair would like to extend a hearty “welcome back” to our returning Purdue University students, professors and newcomers.  In the days ahead, campus will again be teeming with the hustle and bustle of university life.  And if you’re a student needing cost-effective appliance repair (or a FREE over-the-phone repair assessment), make a wise, cost-effective decision on repair and call Lafayette Appliance Repair.  Not a student?  Perhaps you own a few rental properties on campus?  Please keep Lafayette Appliance Repair in mind for your major appliance, heating and air conditioning needs.  We also do dryer vent cleanouts – a VERY important, safety-focused task that’s dirty, messy and nasty — but it’s gotta be done.  We can do it for you.  Keeping your costs contained, being there when you need us, excellent and efficient service — all are benefits of Lafayette Appliance Repair’s proven commitment to customer service excellence.  If you’re an Angie’s List subscriber, please check out our reviews.