Fire safety is obviously a very important concern for everyone. A recent, preventable dryer-related house fire in our area prompted us to contact Lafayette’s TV 18 / WLFI and let them know how household appliances can become a fire safety issue if not appropriately addressed. The video of LAR on TV18-WLFI is a small snippet of the complete interview. The text below elaborates a little further on fire safety. For more information on dryer-related fire safety, call us at (765) 491-3487.

November 14, 2013 — TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (TV-18/WLFI) – Removing lint build-up in dryer and keeping up with its maintenance can help prevent house fires.

Lafayette Appliance Repair Owner, Bob Schueler, said too much lint build up in a dryer can trigger a fire.

He said it is important to clean your lint filter after each load of laundry. Schueler encourages you to regularly check your complete dryer vent piping, from the back of the dryer through to the outside to make sure it isn’t plugged. He suggests inspecting your dryer on a regular basis and having a professional inspect it annually.

When asked about key indicators of a dryer needing maintenance, Schueler offered this: “Visual inspection and even smells are important. If you smell anything hot or burning, or if you see pieces of lint in or around your dryer or in your laundry area, it’s a good indication that a connection is loose and/or that you have lint build-up. . . That’s typically what I see a lot of is lint build up.”

If you have a gas dryer and smell a gas leak, Schueler advises you to unplug the unit and call a professional.

Schueler also suggested using flexible metallic or rigid metal piping and not plastic. Plastic piping can melt and it’s difficult to clean with professional cleaning equipment.

It’s important to never leave a dryer running if you leave your home or when you’re going to bed.

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