• Testimonials

  • I am in the customer service business. And I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how much you impressed me today. You did an outstanding job and I am very happy to have called you and I will refer everyone I can to you. Thank you for your service.

    Greg Smart

  • Suddenly my oven temperature control and the timer on my oven went out just as I was getting ready to bake Halloween cookies. This was around 3 in the afternoon. I called Bob and I was baking cookies by 6 a few hours later. Excellent service!

    Diana Hoke

  • We have a Whirlpool Cabrio washer that sounded like a jet taking off when it hit the spin mode. I called Whirlpool as I thought this was a pretty major failure for the amount of time that we owned the machine. Our machine had just went past the warranty. They could fix it, but it was going to be quite a bit of money. I told them to forget it, I would use it until it completely failed and spend the money on a new machine that was not Whirlpool. Well, my wife could not stand it anymore as it was getting louder and louder. A friend of hers recommended Lafayette Appliance Repair. Bob came out, listened to what we said was wrong and he very quickly got to work. He said the bearing was shot and would need replaced. His price was a lot better than the price from Whirlpool, by quite a bit. Bob had it fixed in no time. Now, our machine runs whisper quiet thru all the cycles. I am pretty sure it is better than it was when the machine was new. I was well pleased with Bob and his work. Next time something needs worked on, I won't hesitate to call him back out to the house.

    Scott Tatlock

  • Bob did a great job! Fit us in quickly. Was very fast and efficient getting our bearing problem on out Whirlpool Platinum Cabrio fixed. It was so loud and as time went on kept getting louder. The repair was about an hour and a half. Machine is now all fixed and super quite thank goodness! Sounded like a jet on spin cycle in our basement. Bob also gave us some great tips as far as we were using to much detergent and then also about the harm that can come from dryer sheets due to them being such a fire hazard. Great to know this stuff. Plus putting a 1500 Juole power surge protector in our laundry room for protection of the machine. Needless to say we have cut back on our detergent. Threw the fabric softener sheets out and now have the surge protector in place!! Thank you, Bob for a job well done!

    Kimberly Shade

  • Bob came to my home on short notice and was able to fix my washer for an extremely affordable price. His knowledge and professional behavior are unparalleled in his field. Generally speaking, I have had problems with repair men or contractors in general. Bob has been the only exception I have found so far.

    I very strongly recommend his services if you need anything appliance related including HVAC I believe.

    Drew Keedy

  • Bob was great to work with and very responsive to communication. You can tell that he desires to do the customer right. We had an old freezer we inherited and he was upfront about the costs to make it work or if we should replace it. He is very affordable compared to others and easy to work with. I highly recommend LAR if you need help with any appliance in your home. A trusted resource is hard to find but we have one with Lafayette Appliance Repair.

    Jonathan Smith

  • Lafayette Appliance Repair was great! Bob helped me today and was incredibly professional, had lots of great advice and did a great job repairing my dryer. He was honest with me from the start and tried to make sure that the parts he needed would be available before he even headed to my house. He even found an issue that wasn't related to the initial problem that would have been a fire hazard for my family. I was so impressed from start to finish that this place has earned much more business from me in the future!

    TJ Overman

  • I highly recommend Lafayette Appliance Repair. Bob eliminated all of the stress that came with our broken refrigerator and not knowing what to do about it. We didn't have to wait for him to schedule us in as he came out shortly after calling him and he fixed it quickly and efficiently. I am happy to know there is someone we can trust for all of our appliances' needs in the future!

    Jamie Nagel

  • Bob came out on the same day I called him. Assessed the problem ordered the parts and came back and made the repairs two days later. His quote was exactly what he charged. He communicated with me throughout the entire repair process in a timely fashion. I most highly recommend Bob and Lafayette Appliance Repair for all your appliance needs.

    Jamie Satterfield

  • Great experience...Professional..Timely..Informative and clear information..Everything you want in a repairman..Highly recommend

    Robert Baids

  • Had great luck with this company. He was able to get to the job quickly and was very straightforward throughout the process. Would definitely recommend them.

    Joshua Molter