• Range-Oven Repair

  • Range-Oven Repair

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    A range-oven is essential to daily life, just as cooking on and in them is as well.  So when your unit goes down, fast range-oven repair is critical.  Let's face it, a microwave isn't going to bake a cake, right?  And to complicate things, today's ultra-modern range-oven and other cooking appliances are chocked full of sophisticated electronics, sensors, relays, microprocessor controls, and wiring -- and it takes a professional to quickly assess and repair the problem - and cost-effectively, too!  You've come to the right place, range-oven repair is our specialty! 

    How We Do Range-Oven Repair

    When you call Lafayette Appliance Repair, we'll get some initial information about your appliance and from there go into action.  Our objective is to have your appliance back online ASAP!  Range-oven repair is something we do a lot of and we're confident you'll be pleased with our response times, our rates and our customer service excellence!

    Brands We Repair

    We handle most of the domestic brands of cooking appliances.  We repair a variety of name brand range-ovens including the following:

    • Whirlpool
    • KitchenAid
    • Kenmore
    • Maytag
    • GE
    • Frigidaire
    • Electrolux
    • Samsung
    • LG
    • and More

    More About Range-Oven Repairs

    If you've got a unit that's down, we're your range-oven repair experts.  Natural gas or LP -- we work on them all.  With our quick response times, competitive rates and warrantied repair work along with our celebrated customer service, you'll be happy to see us arrive and sad to see us leave . . . . ok, maybe not, but you get the idea, LOL!  


    BTW - We do LP-gas conversions, too!  Make your first call to Lafayette Appliance Repair at 765-491-3487. You'll be glad you did.  And if it's after hours, no worries! -- Click the link above which will allow you to request repair service now.

    Helpful Appliance Repair Tips